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Market Leadership

Jenny Nickolaus

Market Manager

Jenny's experience founding and running The American Local restaurant in Portland, Oregon gives her all “showrunner” skills needed to pull off a vibrant farmers' market every Saturday, and to help us grow it into something we can love even more.

Abigail Hamilton

Board Secretary

Designer, writer, and all-around problem solver, Abigail is thrilled to be able to help the market streamline its systems and have more time and energy to be more strategic in keeping Market Saturdays strong and  self-sustaining.

Susan Anderson

Board Member

Susan's Moss & Tide brings her authentic macrame and crochet fiber art decor and wearable collection to the market. Her love of handmade goods began with her grandmother, and she appreciates how crafting ties generations together. Susan is eager to see how she can make an impact here at the market, and we're glad to have her join the Board!

Amos Staffler

Board President

Owner of AmosSoma Transformative Skincare, Amos is a big believer in ingredients that are honest and beneficial — traits she also admires in people. She's also a fine artist whose paintings capture the textures, depths, and light of a lived experience.

Brian MacWhorter

Board Vice President

Brian has been farming on Bainbridge Island for more than 30 years and attending the Saturday market since nearly its inception.  Through Butler Green Farms, Brian helped create a thriving market for nutritious, high-quality produce in our community.

Keisha Brownell

Board Member

Aunty Dolly’s is a multi-generational family affair: Keisha, her mother Prudence, and her sister Rokeda have elevated the food offerings at the market with their authentic west African cuisine. Welcome to the board!

Christine Tressel

Board Treasurer

Christine Tressel of Leapfrog Farm not only produces amazing vegetables and flowers on her farm, but she's a practitioner and enduring student of specialized therapeutic massage techniques.

Mark Jones

Board Member

Mark runs Powell & Jones Craft Chocolate on Bainbridge Island, making chocolates and seasonal confections from Direct Trade cacao and other locally sourced ingredients.


Board Member

Hayley is a crafter, pollinator, food connoisseur, and health advocate.  Their business, Fruitful Designs Services continues to bridge the gap between food access and makerspace creativity while also continuing to assist with design and development in an inclusive and neurodiverse audience focused around giving back to the local community and spreading mycelium roots. Through the market, Hayley brings a lot of energy and hopes to inspire people to express themselves as well as excite their creativity in safe and nurturing environments. 
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