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Food Access

Washington State
Farmers Market Association 

The WSFMA Regional Leads program goals are to build local capacity at farmers’ markets around food access programs, marketing, and general market operations. We seek to build community partnerships to foster capacity building, collaboration with community stakeholders, and to foster peer-peer resource sharing and education. The Regional Lead program provides support in kids programming, cooking demonstrations, vendor recruitment, incentive programs, market manager support, and a food access forum to establish “peer to peer” networking that will enable markets, educators, and contractors to communicate regularly and share experiences.


Washington State Department of Agriculture


The Washington State Department of Agriculture has been serving the state for more than 100 years. Their diverse roles include providing fee-based services to the agriculture community, promoting Washington agricultural products, and ensuring regulations are closely observed.  The WSDA works extensively with farmers and ranchers, to ensure food safety to environmental protection.

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