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Nov blue sky market day 2.HEIC



Bainbridge Island Farmers Market 2023 Sponsorship Program

We have several different levels of sponsorship available detailed below, but if you don’t see something that fits what you’re looking for we can tailor one to your specific business. 



Set the Stage Event Sponsor
This sponsorship helps pay for the weekly musicians and events that enliven the market experience throughout the year.

  • May (4 Weeks) $2000

  • June (4 Weeks) $2000

  • July (5 Weeks) $2500

  • August (4 Weeks) $2000

  • September (5 Weeks) $2500

  • October (4 Weeks) $2000

  • November (4 Weeks)  $2000




  • Exclusive logo on banner on the music or event tent for the weeks sponsored

  • 1 email blast about your business during the sponsored month (using our email list)

  • Logo & link on Website (for the entirety of 2022 market season)

  • Weekly mentions/tags on social media announcing band or event during your sponsored month

  • 1 booth day (5x10 space) during your sponsored month (will be part of the manager booth area)

Sprout Sponsor
For those that want to help grow and support the market, this ​$500 sponsorship would allow us to introduce new classes, events, market “areas”, and activities at the market by helping pay for the permits, fees, and other promotional and administrative costs associated with them.


  • Logo on BIFM Sponsor banner

  • Logo & link on website (for the entirety of 2023 market season)

  • 1 email blast highlighting your business using our email list.

  • 3 Social media tags/mentions throughout the season


BFFs of BIFM Sponsor
This $250 sponsorship is intended to help us “keep the lights on” and expand the capability of the market. Money from this sponsorship would be used in a variety of ways; general administrative costs, purchasing a software application and subscription for market management, payroll, and any of the other costs the market incurs to stay open.


  • Logo on BIFM sponsor banner

  • Logo & link on website (for the entirety of the 2023 market season)

  • 1 Social media post (per market season) highlighting business

Don't see exactly what you’re looking for?

We can tailor a sponsorship to what your business needs or wants. From events to logoed merchandise, if you think it, we can do it.

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